Vital Church Initiative (VCI)

Faith in Action - Faith Development Team

by Rev. William Bills
Chair, Faith Development Team

Faith Development Opportunities

During the coming program year we will offer a variety of opportunities for people to participate in Bible studies, discussion groups and short-term small group experiences. The dates for these events are currently in the bulletin. They will also be published on the church website and will appear in the Tower Alert in time for people to plan for them.

We will do three church-wide studies, with a corresponding sermon series. There will be one in the fall, winter and spring. Each will last five to six weeks. You are encouraged to read the book that will be provided for each study and sermon series. Additionally, we hope that you will organize into small groups with others in the church and meet together to cover the material. You may meet in someone’s home or at the church. Sign-up sheets will be available so you can join a group. You can also indicate your interest on the Connection Card. If you don’t know enough people to form a short-term small group contact Debbie in the office and she will help you.

In the fall and spring there will be five week dinner and discussions on The Gospel According to Harry Potter. You can come at 6:00 for dinner and guided discussion around your table. Invite some friends or make some new ones.

Living the Questions is a progressive study and discussion group that features 25 minute video segments by well-known progressive scholars such as Marcus Borg, Dominic Crossan and John Shelby Spong. There will be three seven week segments offered fall, winter and spring with breaks in between. Each session is independent of the others so one may attend some or all. More information can be found at

On Sunday mornings The Forum will continue to meet in the Copper Chimney Lounge from 9:15 to 10:15. The Covenant Bible Study will be available for Gateway Groups that are continuing to meet. Gateway Groups can also select their own material, depending on the desires of each group.

Watch for more information on additional offerings throughout the year.