Vital Church Initiative (VCI)

Faith in Action - Staffing Audit Team

by Susan Stahly
Chair, SPRC and Staffing Audit Team

The Right Staffing Configuration

Gary McIntosh, in the book Staff Your Church for Growth, emphasizes that staff in a growing church must be involved in both programming and administration. Growth comes with finding people, keeping people, and celebrating/worshiping with people. Your Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) has been tasked with addressing prescription 2A from our Vital Church Initiative (VCI) Consultation Report. We have been evaluating the current staffing configuration against UUMC’s vision, mission, and values.

Our staff is hard-working and multi-talented, and they are ready and willing to take on new responsibilities as they are assigned; so we’ve decided to focus on making adjustments to job descriptions and hours. Due to our financial resources, we will not replace the part-time clergy position most recently held by Leslee Fritz.

Supporting needs identified by task forces, enriching worship, and communication are major priority areas. SPRC will finalize current staffing decisions and continue to visit staffing needs as UUMC programming evolves.

We invite your comments and input. This year’s SPRC committee includes Marilyn Amey, Pastor Bill Bills, J. J. Burchman, Sherry Geiger, Katie Hanson, Dave Holloway, Sandy Mason, Sarah Musson, Luke Smith, Susan Stahly (chair), and Chris Waters. If you have comments or questions, you can contact Susan Stahly at <> or Pastor Bill at <>.