Vital Church Initiative (VCI)

Faith in Action: Bridge Team

by Pete Marvin, Bridge Team, chair

University UM Church must move beyond transactional ministry with the community into relationship building with its neighbors in order to extend the heart of Christ with the community and develop a relationship with those whom the church serves. This goal has been outlined for us by our consultants in Prescription 5 and many reading materials.

In other words, we need to get to know and serve neighboring individuals, groups of individuals, and organizations. And, we need to help them know us and the God we serve. UUMC’s Bridge Team is grappling with the development of an outwardly-focused, comprehensive plan for our church’s relational outreach ministries in the community.

Our first bridge event focused on reaching out to business leaders along the Trowbridge-Harrison corridor. UUMC hosted a “get acquainted” meeting on Tuesday, July 11, so they could meet our staff and tour our facility. While getting to know them better, we told them of our interest in building relationships with our neighbors, including the Red Cedar and Ivanhoe communities. We had hoped to invite residential neighborhoods to be our guests at UUMC’s fall kickoff Sunday brunch and concert. Although this has been put on hold due to the lack of a UUMC kitchen coordinator, we are discussing a variety of ways we might build relationships with our community.

Your ideas are sought. Also, you are invited to join present Bridge Team members Rebecca Berry Jost, Janel Horrocks-Boehmer, Pete Marvin (chair), Cynthia Webb, Sue Stahl, Melissa Hogan, and JoEllyn Roe. Just let us know of your interest by calling the church office (517-351-7030) or Pete Marvin (517-331-5477).