Children's Ministries

Rotation Sunday School

Our children spend three to four weeks focused on one Bible story or theme. The first Sunday of each month all ages (pre-k through 6th) have class together. In the weeks following, they rotate with a class (called a Flock) of their peers to different classrooms where they learn the story through art, drama, music, audio-visual media, play, cooking, and other interactive tools.

To remain Safe Sanctuaries compliant, we ask parents or authorized adults to sign their children out at the end of Sunday School, even if the child has been dismissed back to you. There is a sandwich board posted in the Gathering Space behind the Sanctuary each Sunday to let parents know which classroom their child is in.

If you would like more information about the Rotation Sunday School model or our other children's programming  you can contact Sara Cardinal at

  • Background checks are a required part of the volunteer application process for all adults and youth who are in contact with children.
  • All Children need to have up to date registration forms on hand to provide staff with vital medical and security information.
  • Copies of registration forms for children are available as well as copies of our Safe Sanctuaries policy.