Baptism & Communion

Baptism & Communion


Believing that baptism is an act of the church through which God offers grace, The United Methodist Church practices the baptism of persons of any age, ranging from infant to adult. All United Methodist baptisms take place in the context of a worship service. Because it is a divine act, we recognize as valid the baptisms of churches of other denominations and do not baptize persons more than once. In baptism, the congregation promises to care for and nurture the faith of the one being baptized. Therefore we baptize those infants, children and adults who will continue to be part of the life of the church. If you are considering baptism for yourself, your child or someone close to you, please make an appointment for further conversation with one of our pastors.

Communion Sundays

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Worshippers of all ages, including non-UUMC members, are welcome to receive the communion bread and juice. Gluten-free wafers are always available.

Home Communion will be available for anyone who is unable to attend UUMC to participate in communion. A brief ceremony uses the United Methodist Communion liturgy, and bread and juice that has been consecrated during worship. To request Home Communion for yourself or a family member or friend, call the church office (351-7030) or contact one of our pastors.