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The church conference is the highest governing authority in a United Methodist congregation. It is normally convened every year in the fall. The district superintendent calls and convenes the church conference. It is to be announced twice in worship. Printed notice is also given to the congregation, usually through the bulletin and/or newsletter.

Church members attending the called church conference constitute the quorum required for voting. Members present at this conference are authorized to set the pastor’s salary, housing and furnishings allowance. They may also vote to remove church members from the rolls. The church conference also votes on the election of officers and other leaders. The church conference may also vote on building and property matters such as buying or selling property or taking out a mortgage.

Between church conferences, the administrative board acts as the governing body of the church. The various committees and work areas are all accountable to and report to the administrative board. But the authority of the church conference supersedes that of the administrative board.

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, Rev. Kennetha Bigham-Tsai, Lansing District Superintendent,

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