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A Word From Your Pastor


The Alexamenos Graffito was discovered in 1857 during excavations of Roman buildings near the Palatine Hill. It is graffiti, scratched into the wall of a building. It now resides in the Palatine Hill Museum. The Graffito dates to ca. 200 of the Common Era. The Graffito is intended to be derogatory of Christians and their God. It depicts a man to the left of a Roman cross, one arm raised in worship. On the cross is a man with the head of an ass. The crude Greek inscription reads “Alexamenos worships his god.”

Arthur Dewey, in “Inventing the Passion” (Polebridge Press, 2017, p. 9), notes that the Graffito is significant because it is one of only two depictions of the crucifixion which can be dated before the fifth century. (The other is a third century Syrian gemstone depicting Jesus tied to a Roman cross.) Dewey further explains that iconography in the first four centuries commonly depicted Jesus as a wisdom teacher and a healer. Oral and written tradition attested to the crucifixion of Jesus but in proper Roman society crucifixion was not written about or depicted artistically. Crucifixion was meant to utterly humiliate, dishonor and erase from social memory its victims. Read more ...

Join us for Sunday Morning FORUM

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Why did Jesus happen when he happened? Why the confluence of the Baptism movement of John and the Kingdom movement of Jesus? Why the tiny villages around the Lake? Why the confrontations in Jerusalem? 

Beginning Sunday, March 4, the Sunday morning FORUM group will begin a new 12-week series, First Light: Jesus and the Kingdom, featuring two of the world's leading Jesus scholars, John Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg. This is a DVD-based study of the historical Jesus and the Kingdom of God. FORUM is an adult bible-study group that meets Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the Copper Chimney Lounge. We would love to have you join us!

For more adult education opportunities, click HERE.

"The Political Jesus"


April 27–28, 2018
East Lansing, Michigan

The Jesus of history resisted the political and social realities of his day. Early Christians did the same. Neither one was necessarily successful in their aims, but what do we know about their attitudes toward the economy, immigrants, and war? How did Jesus and emerging Christ communities express concerns for justice and peace? Looking at the world today, what would they say about American politics?

We hope you join us April 27-28 as UUMC hosts The Political Jesus. Register early for best rates!

Recommended Book Reading in April

In April, the congregation will be asked to read America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege and the Bridge to a New America” by Jim Wallis. As we engage one another in discussion about race in America you are encouraged to go online and take the test for Implicit Bias at  https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/. All results are strictly confidential.

A limited supply of the book will be available at the church soon for a donation, however, new paperback copies are available through Amazon for about $10.


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Sunday, April 15th

Families, Single Adults, College Students, and Seniors

Pre-Worship 9:15-10:15 AM or Post-Worship 11:45-12:45 PM

Our mission outreach for Lent will again be Rise Against Hunger,the United Methodist Committee on Relief, and the Lansing Food Bank.  We will raise funds for emergency relief, package meals to feed hungry families around the world, and support the needs of individuals and families locally.

Come join the mission party!  Register online or sign up at the mission table with Ellen Alward for one of the meal packaging shifts.

The cost of each meal is 29 cents.To cover this cost, you are encouraged to donate 29 cents per meal for the month of March
(3 meals a day for 31 days) for a total of $27.00 and/or generously support our Lenten Mission Outreach.

Wesley is a Christian community of young adults, who love without exception, serve without judgement and rejoice without restraint. We are a campus ministry of The United Methodist Church. Click here for more info!